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2018 Forester by Forest River 3171DS Ford Chassis

Forest River

It’s hard not to daydream about RVs without Forest River popping into your head. For more than 20 years, Forest Rivers RV has been developing several groundbreaking designs that are changing the industry. Some of these designs include fifth wheels, travel trailers, pop-up campers park models, and so on. In a short time, Forest River has been growing and expanding at a rapid pace. Now, there are many manufacturing facilities across the United States. These facilities work hard and are consistently producing classic Forest River RV products, like Class A, B, and C motorhomes, toy haulers, travel trailers, and more. This unsurpassed level of production capacity permits Forest River to fulfill all orders within a reasonable timeframe without hurrying the production or taking shortcuts that compromise quality.

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2018 Forester by Forest River TS2391 Ford Transit

Company History

In 1996, Forest River was founded by Peter Liegel, who had prior experience in the industry working for Cobra Industries. Once Cobra dissolved earlier that decade, Liegel bought some of their assets and began to work toward his own venture in Elkhart, IN. it wasn’t long before Elkhart transformed into an RV manufacturing hub. From there, Forest River continuously expanded through the acquisition of other RV brands. As the years went on, Forest River acquired more and more specialty vehicle companies like bus manufacturers, cargo trailers, and commercial trucks.

Eventually, Forest River itself was acquired by the legendary Berkshire Hathaway in 2005. As a result, Forest River gained access to a plethora of resources and finances of a much larger company. Nevertheless, Forest River never lost sight of the initial reason for its founding: the customers. Up to this very day, investing in a Forest River product means you’ll enjoy top-of-the-line RVs and, of course, outstanding customer service.

2018 Forester by Forest River 2801QS Grand Touring Series

Accessories & Options 

Each Forest River model comes with a set of innovative features you’ll love. For example, the Class A motorhomes come with a number of luxurious features like more floor space, additional kitchen countertop room, a full-sized fridge, and endless furniture layouts. Don’t forget the master bedroom and bathroom. If you’re not in the market for something that big, there’s also smaller and easier to maintain vehicles with plenty of amenities, like camping trailers.

Forest River Owners Group


One of the many benefits Forest River owners enjoy is FROG (Forest River Owners’ Group). This splendid RV community is full of other individuals who share your passion. Most are willing to exchanging stories and advice for the road. You’ll have access to a fantastic support network for all of your RV needs.

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